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Valtio tukemaan vähävaraisia lapsiperheitä

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social development

Children subsidy plan cheered

The Sunday Nation January 11, 2015 1:00 am

Bt600 a month will be given to poor families during the first year; no decision yet on whether it should cover all, says yongyuth

Reformers, technocrats and civic groups have backed the proposal to give families a Bt600 subsidy per month for infants to six-year-olds, saying it would "turn the country's future around".

The proposal will be forwarded to the Cabinet this week for approval.

Supporters of the proposal to invest in "the future" are still debating on whether the subsidy should be universal or only for children of the poor.

Thailand Development Research Institute statistics show that of the 5.4 million children in the country, 4.1 million - or 76 per cent - are the children of "informal workers" and were not given appropriate care and education.

At a National Reform Council seminar at Parliament on Friday, supporters of the proposal cited scientific studies and research that showed children aged up to six were in a crucial brain-development stage that greatly influenced future development.

Deputy Prime Minister Yongyuth Yuthavong, who chaired the seminar, said the proposal was initiated recently and was regarded as "a gift" for children as they were "the future''.

He said supporters of the idea wanted the subsidy provided universally but studies showed that many countries provided the subsidy only to the poor.

"So during a trial period, we may give the subsidy only to the children of the poor in the first year,'' he said.

Somchai Jitsuchon of the TDRI said Thailand had been very progressive with its subsidy for the universal healthcare system but lagged behind countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Indonesia in terms of a subsidy for young children.

"If these countries can implement this project, we should be able to. This policy will turn the country's future around because children are our future,'' he said.

Somchai said the subsidy could at least help parents with the food bill.

Women and children's right activist Sunee Chaiyarose said laws designed to project children's rights were well written but were ultimately meaningless because they were not enforced.

She urged Yongyuth not to focus solely on poor families but to make a well-rounded decision after getting figures from related agencies to determine how much money would be needed to subsidise all children.

Silada Rangsikanpum of the Foundation for Slum Child Care said the policy would return happiness to a lot of children and people who work to promote child development.

"We have been spending a huge amount of money on materials - it is time we start a new dawn by giving children an opportunity, as this subsidy would help ensure basic needs for their crucial development," she said.

"This will help prepare their brain, body and mind to be ready for study. This investment is beyond worthwhile."

Arunee Srito, chairman of Informal Worker Network, said she hoped that the government would start with Bt600 per month and increas the amount based on the cost of living.

"It should not be like social security where welfare is fixed for 24 years. Do not be stingy with children. We must invest in our children,'' she said.


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