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Awesome Blogs About Thailand Written by Western Expats

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Khun ขุน

Liittynyt: 25 Tou 2005
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Paikkakunta: Korso/Vantaa/Si Khiu

LähetäLähetetty: 15.1.2008 5:23    Viestin aihe: Awesome Blogs About Thailand Written by Western Expats Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä

There are many expats who live in Thailand. Some come here for a short time, some have lived here for years. Many of them, myself included, write a blog about their life in Thailand. There are now thousands of blogs written by expats in Thailand, but these are my favorites.

Thai Girl - is my absolute favorite blog. It's written by Andrew Hicks, who is the author of the novel 'Thai Girl'. He's a sixty something British expat who has lived all over the world. He's now married to a Thai woman and lives in the rice fields in Surin, a backwater area of Thailand. He has a thirty year old Jeep in the garage and an antique buffalo cart in the living room. What more could you want eh?

He writes about Thai village life in a way that you know he's found his place in life. He may not have much in common with the villagers, and he may often feel out of place, but he writes about it all with humor and grace. He also puts up some of the prettiest photos I've seen from rural Thailand.

English Girl in Isaan - As the title suggests, this blog is written by an English girl who lives and teaches in Isaan. Isaan is one of the poorest areas of Thailand, and is probably one of the most difficult and unique places to live if you're an expat. She writes about her life teaching, her crazy school and her relationship with her Thai fiancé, Nung. This is well worth reading for the funniest blog entry on Thailand I've ever read - find the one where she talks about the frog in her jeans. I laughed so hard I had to go and get a Kleenex to mop up my tears.

Richard Barrow in Thailand - this is probably the quintessential blog about Thailand. Richard Barrow is a British expat who has been here for years. He's married to a Thai woman and teaches at a school in Samut Prakan. He also the CEO of his own internet company. The photos alone on this blog are worth several hours browsing. Richard is also extremely knowledgeable about Thailand and Thai culture, and he updates his blog very regularly. If I ever want to know something about Thai culture and need it explained clearly, I usually check out Richard's blog - he's always on the money.
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