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Public urged to support OTOP goods

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Khun ขุน

Liittynyt: 25 Tou 2005
Viestejä: 5614
Paikkakunta: Korso/Vantaa/Si Khiu

LähetäLähetetty: 28.12.2005 5:19    Viestin aihe: Public urged to support OTOP goods Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä


BANGKOK, Dec 27 (TNA) - Thai people are urged to continue to support locally-made products under the government's One Tambon, One Product (OTOP) programme, following a recent OTOP fair which generated more than Bt1.1 billion total revenue.

Deputy Interior Minister Somchai Sunthornvut invited the general public to purchase the OTOP goods at OTOP centres in their respective provinces across the country, or contact the ministry's of Community Development Department for further information.

"Although this year's OTOP fair has ended, I'd like to urge the general public to continue to support the OTOP goods. Those who are interested in the the locally-made products can visit OTOP Centres in their provinces across the country. The Community Development Department is also willing to be a coordinator between producers and and consumers. Please just contact us at Tel.
02-6223131 Ext 157-158 for your information," Mr. Somchai, in his capacity as the chair of a government committee in charge of directing the organizing of the recent OTOP fair, told journalists.

He said that the Third OTOP City, held from December 17-25 at the IMPACT Trade and Exhibition Centre in Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi Province, on the outskirts of Bangkok attracted more than 1.5 million visitors and generated a total revenue of Bt1.1 billion--as targeted by the government.

"It's another successful year of the OTOP fair. It acheived the government's targets--both the number of visitors and the total revenue generated," he added.

Orders from foreign importing firms, including those from Singapore, Malaysia, China and Cambodia reached around Bt130 million or over US$300,000, he noted.

"A survey found that 94.1 per cent of those visiting the nine-day fair said they were impressed and satisfied with the event and a variety of high quality products displayed," said the minister.

Nearly 5,000 booths of selected community-base products from all parts of the country, including those from the three troubled southernmost provinces of Yala, Narathiwat and Pattani and Andaman southern coastal provinces hit by the last December tsunami, as well as those produced by persons with disabilities (PWDs) were displayed.
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