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#1: Vietnamese language Kirjoittaja: Voitto LippuPaikkakunta: Espoo, Finland LähetäLähetetty: 26.9.2005 13:21
I´ll split some of these topics. This one would be for language as I went myself a bit off topic in the other one. So here we go.

As in Thai you seem to have many different ways of addressing people in Vietnam. I suppose it depends on the age difference between the two persons, right? Anh, Em, Chi, Ong, Ba, Chu, Tiem, Bac.

#2:  Kirjoittaja: linktolinhPaikkakunta: HNN LähetäLähetetty: 1.10.2005 17:11
OK Anh Bamboo,

In Vietnam we are addressing people in the society with the same words we use in our family:

Anh = Older brother/ also called the male person older than you in society. So I call you as anh Bamboo...and you can call an older man * around 15 years older than you* as "anh"

Em = Younger sister/ younger girls. You can also call younger brother as "em"

Chi = Older sister/ older women/ polite way to address a women

Ong = Grand dad/ Old man in general

ba = Grandmom/ old women in general

chu = cousin/ man more than 20 years older than you.

blab blab... very tired of learning all of these words.

Let's make some fun with what we just listed out there

chi em = sisters

anh em = brothers

chu em = slang to call younger brother/ when you call a guy as " chu em" you must be a gangster...

ba chi = slang to call an older sister or somebody you really regard as a big sister.

When you want to call somebody on the street or try to get attention from shop keeper. Try this:

Em oi! ~ Hey girl

Anh oi!

Chi oi!

Anh Bamboo oi!!!!!!

he he that's all for my lonely saturday night

#3:  Kirjoittaja: spiigeliPaikkakunta: Helsinki LähetäLähetetty: 1.10.2005 17:55
Hi linktolinh.
How meny tones do yoy have in you language.
Finnish people have alwaus problem with tones, because finnish language we dont use tones.

#4:  Kirjoittaja: Voitto LippuPaikkakunta: Espoo, Finland LähetäLähetetty: 1.10.2005 20:35
cam on em Linh, I really appreciate that you give us some of your precious time and tell us about your country and its language and people. -> English forum

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