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Buddhalaisen paastonajan päättyminen

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Buddhist lent, joka voidaan kääntää joko paastonaikana tai vetäytymisen aikana loppuu tämän kuun alkupuolella. Tässä muutamia paikkoja, joissa järjestetään juhlallisuuksia tapahtuman kunniaksi. Niitä on tosin jokaisessa temppelissä, joten jos ei pääse näihin tapahtumiin, kannattaa kuitenkin vierailla paikallisessa temppelissä.

Flowers on the water

The people of Bang Phli relive the days of rural beauty as they celebrate the end of the Buddhist Lent

The Lotus Giving Festival returns to Samut Prakan's Bang Phli district today with music, cultural shows, games and food livening up the often drab industrial estates as residents mark the end of the three-month Buddhist Lent.

Much of the celebration is centred around Wat Bang Phli Yai (also known as Wat Luang Phorto) and the floating market.

The Lotus Festival harks back to the days when the river was a focal point of daily life and in many ways romanticises Bang Phli, which was once home to endless lotus fields, rice paddies and fish farms. The rustic beauty gave way to industrial estates the best part of 30 years ago when Thailand switched from a mainly agrarian economy to a newly industrialised country.

Yet the spirit of the lotus fields has managed to survive, at least along with Samrong Canal where every October the local community gathers for the Lotus Giving Festival.

This year, the most important part of the celebration - the merit-making - takes place at daybreak next Tuesday when thousands of devotees, lotus flowers in their hands, will line both sides of the canal as they wait for the huge Buddha image to arrive by boat so they can shower it with flowers.

It tends to be a bit of a hit-or-miss affair because there are always too many people trying to throw the lotuses into one boat.

People are everywhere, on the small towpath as well on the wooden bridges over the canal. You don't walk, you just go with the flow, as the crowd keeps pushing you ahead.

Romance is in the air too as on both sides of the canal young people try out their chances with the boy or girl of their dreams.

"Many young men try to pick up the lotuses from beautiful women," says a fish farmer who lives behind Suvarnabhumi Airport, recalling her younger days around Bang Phli.

"If you receive a flower from a girl, there's a chance to win her heart. She's probably your soulmate."

The Lotus Giving Festival also features cultural shows that bring back memories of the olden days when canal life, religion and the community lived in harmony.

There's phleng rua folk music nightly as well as old-time games like saba thoi, saba bon, a tug-of-war, beauty contests, an eating contest, a boat show and races.

And, of course, this being a festival, there will be plenty of food, like traditional desserts, curries and barbecued seafood.

The festival runs from tonight through October 9 at Wat Bang Phli Yai in Samut Prakan.

The merit-making event, when people throw offering lotus blossoms into the boat carrying the Buddha image gets underway at around 6am on Tuesday.

The temple is a short walk from the Big C store on Theparak Road.

In celebration of Chong Para

Mae Hong Son province celebrates the Chong Para ceremony celebrates the end of the three-month-long Buddhist Retreat from Monday to October 16.

The festival marks the Lord Buddha's return from heaven after visit his mother for three months. The Tai Yai (or Shan) people in Mae Hong Son traditionally build a wooden castle and decorate it with colourful paper and illuminate it with lanterns to welcome the Lord Buddha. The festival, which also features spectacular cultural performances, is celebrated in Mae Sariang, Pai and Mae Hong Son town. For more information, call (053) 612 016.

Sensations from the deep

Yamazato, the signature Japanese restaurant at The Okura Prestige Bangkok, is showcasing some of the world's finest seafood caught in the ice cold waters off the Japanese island of Hokkaido next month. Orchestrated by chef Shigeru Hagiwara, the dishes include crab hotpot, oyster miso hotpot, grilled king crab with scallop and more. Book a table at (02) 687 9000 or visit

Dinner that's carbon free

Aleenta Resort in Pran Buri, Prachuab Kiri Khan, has enhanced its already formidable sustainability credentials with the launch of "Carbon-Free Cooking", served as the finest gourmet cuisine. The special dishes are from the property’s organic farm, and a brainchild of Aleenta Resident Manager and Michelin-star chef James Noble. Find out more at

Southern comforts

The Chak Phra Festival in Surat Thani marks the end of the Buddhist Retreat and runs from Sunday through October 13. "Chak Phra", which means "pulling the Buddha" brings together Buddha images from the southern province in a long and beautiful procession of vans and boats along the Tapi River. For nine days and nights, Surat Thani returns to its glory days, with longboat racing and plenty of entertaining events. Call (077) 288 818-9


Ei sillä ole väliä onko kissa musta vai valkoinen, kunhan se vaan pyydystää hiiriä.

Paluu Bambulehtoon näkyvissä.
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