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Do's and dont's in Thailand

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Developer ผู้พัฒนา

Liittynyt: 27 Tou 2005
Viestejä: 2021
Paikkakunta: Khorat

LähetäLähetetty: 14.6.2005 6:08    Viestin aihe: Do's and dont's in Thailand Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä


-should be careful to show respect for the King, the Queen and the Royal Children.

-should dress neatly in all religious shrines. They should never go topless, or in shorts, hot pants or other unsuitable attire.

-should dress neatly in all religious shrines. They should never go topless, or in shorts, hot pants or other unsuitable attire.
It is acceptable to wear shoes when walking around the compound of a Buddhist temple, but not inside the chapel where the principal Buddha image is kept. Each Buddha image, large or small, ruined or not, is regarded as a sacred object. Never climb onto one to take a photograph or do anything which might indicate a lack of respect.
Buddhist monks are forbidden to touch or be touched by a woman, or to accept anything from the hand of one. If a woman has to give anything to a monk, she first hands it to a man, who then presents it.

Thais don't normally shake hands when they greet one another, but instead press the palms together in a prayer-like gesture called a wai. Generally a younger person wais an elder, who returns it.

-Shoes should be removed when entering a private Thai home.

-Public displays of affection between men and women are frowned upon.

-It is considered rude to point your foot at a person, so try to avoid doing so when sitting opposite anyone, and following the conception that the foot is a low limb: DO NOT point your foot to show anything to anyone, but use your finger instead. This is considered as highly impolite, as the feet are considered as the most inferior parts of the human body. And do not sit on the floor of a Temple with your feet pointing at the Buddha Image!

-Thais regard the head as the highest part of the body both literally and figuratively. As a result, they DO NOT approve of touching anyone on that part of body; even in a friendly gesture. Similarly, if you watch Thais at a social gathering, you will notice that young people go to considerable lengths to keep their heads lower than those of the elder ones, to avoid giving the impression of looking down" on them. This is not always possible, of course, but it is the effort that counts.

-Losing your temper, especially in public, will more than likely get you nowhere. The Thais think such displays denote poor manners, and you are more apt to get what you want by keeping a cool head and concealing your emotions. Unfortunately, this fact is known in some of the more tourist areas and you must try not to loose your temper if you are being scammed or ripped off. Stick your ground, DO NOT start shouting but be firm and speak slowly and clearly. If that fails, call the tourist police who will try to mediate the situation.

Avoid unmarked taxis and maybe tuk-tuks. Official taxis are safe, have aircon and are metered so you avoid mad tuk-tuk driving, air pollution and money squabbles - and will probably pay less for the trip anyway.

Never buy jewelry or gems stones from sources you are unsure about. There is a very old scam where you will be approached by a smooth talking 'businessman' who claims to trade in gem stones abroad. They usually hang around at popular tourist spots looking for victims. The hook is that they are in the country to take advantage of a government 'tax free export' period that is soon to expire. You will be taken to what looks like a fully legitimate jewelers that is there one day and gone the next. Victims part with thousands on their credit cards to leave with a pile of papers and receipts promising the shipping of the gems to their home address which of course never arrives.

- is a common tactic where a customer has been taken to a "private" shop back inside a soi. If you do not have the experience to deal with these situations, avoid them entirely. Simply get out of the taxi or tuk-tuk and walk away. If you are followed or threatened, find the nearest police box.

- should not be taken on a shopping trip. They will likely be making a commission of 10 - 20%

- think that Thai women are "easily available". Though around 1% of the female population is working in the sex industry, this also means that 99% is not working there! You can get yourself in big trouble if you offend a woman in this way. Her husband may find he should take revenge, which could be very unpleasant for you.

- take any packages through Thai customs for anybody! If you are caught carrying drugs, you risk the death penalty or life in prison. And prisons in Thailand are not exactly like the Hilton. Apart from that, you can hardly expect a milder punishment than life in prison. So be warned!

- accept any introduction to participate in any form of gambling. Gambling is against the law in Thailand and penalties are severe!

- call a waiter or waitress with the fingers of your hand pointing upward. This is considered to be very impolite. (It will make a similar impression as if you put your middle finger up to somebody at home). Put your hand up, but with your fingers pointing downward (or make a fist, if you prefer that or if you don't understand what I mean here).

- finish the dishes when you are having dinner with Thai friends in a restaurant. Your Thai friends will keep ordering more, until you leave something on your dish, so that they can clearly see that you have had enough!

Have a nice trip!
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