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Suvarnabhumi paean proves prophetic

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I ovn
Khun ขุน

Liittynyt: 25 Tou 2005
Viestejä: 5614
Paikkakunta: Korso/Vantaa/Si Khiu

LähetäLähetetty: 21.10.2005 9:21    Viestin aihe: Suvarnabhumi paean proves prophetic Vastaa lainaamalla viestiä

Published on October 21, 2005

In 2001, when the craze over the Thai Rak Thai party was gaining fresh momentum, I wrote in this very column a haiku journey into. Suvarnabhumi Inc. Four and a half years later, the haiku’s prophecy appears to have been fulfilled, with the Thaksin government’s plans for a new city, Nakhon Suvarnabhumi, surrounding the new Suvarnabhumi Airport. It is, of course, a crazy idea to build a new city around an airport.

When people change residences, it is often to get farther away from noise and air pollution, not closer.

Here is a flashback to “A Haiku Journey into Suvarnabhumi Inc”, written at a time when most Thais believed the Thaksin government would be the saviour of the nation’s destiny:

O Suvarnabhumi Inc,

Thais Love Thais like never before:

It’s time to rejoice.

The rich Golden Land

Would be forever saved from doom

By corporate brands.

The three-year crises

Have left Thais in rags and ruins.

Where’re the good old days?

The old Ayutthaya

Had never lost its good soul:

Here comes Shinawatra.

Under a spell,

The people cast their big votes

Frightened as hell.

Through surreal marketing,

The telecom man brings up

Inflation targeting.

“I am CEO,

Destined to resurrect this land

With a new manifesto.”

All the living pain

Will disappear overnight,

Like a summer wind.

Our Suvarnabhumi Inc

Will not be sold for cheap;

Stay away, farang.

Dear Mr IMF,

Enough is your poisonous dose:

I do it My Way.

Wipe the farmers’ tears;

Let there be debt forgiveness –

Let bygones be bygones.

The new millennium

Brings forth a new culture

Of debt moratorium.

Extra votes, an extra million!

For every village of the land

Will enjoy the bullion.

Don’t ask the taboo:

“Where shall the money come from?”

Roll out the printing press.

It does not matter,

In hell or heaven alike,

You must make profits.

In every tambon,

There lies one genius product,

The ultimate goal.

Lay down your sickles

And put down your hammers,

Wait for the miracle.

For any diseases,

Just pay Bt30 to your doc

And walk away in peace.

To all the debtors enslaved,

Here is the national AMC:

Be damned or be saved.

The bankers squirm

From their sins, tightly sealed

In a can of worms.

No money, no problem!

Just borrow from the People’s Bank

With your ATM.

Let it be known

That in every pocket there’ll be

A cellular phone.

Thanong Khanthong

The Nation
Takaisin alkuun
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